Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am home sick today
- yep, I called into work, and said I am sick
- which I really am
- nasty sore throat, not strep, thank goodness!
- I have been in my green silkies all day.
- instead of feeling rejuvenated, or refreshed
- I feel as if I am missing something.

I missed out on this.
- his fishing years, he used to fish, and fish, and fish.
- I can't believe I missed out on this -
- since I swear I've known him forever.

I missed out on this trip
- Princess #2 took with her HS class
- can you guess where by her pictures?
- I wonder if her classmates take pictures like this?
- I am betting they missed out on that fabulous sunset
- I am glad you didn't Belle

I am already missing these
- How long do I have to wait to see them again?
- I did not appreciate them near enough
- I am making a promise to myself
- next year I will.

Okay missing is over
- I guess the green silkies need to come off
- I am always curious what is around the next corner
- Aren't you?


holly shaw said...

Hope you feel better soon and can go to work again. I've been looking at ideas for the book blog thing Call me soon i've got great ideas

dana liston said...

Sorry you are sick. I hope you get better soon!

joleen said...

Paige said a prayer for you to feel better, soI'm sure you'll be healthy again soon. I still "miss" running with you!!!