Sunday, October 6, 2013



Though there are no pictures to document the occasion

and though we both have different versions of the story.

It was right here about 27 years ago-  I said I would marry him!

A teeny tiny problem is he did not get down on one knee to do that

-a fact I have never let him forget-



We’ll he made sure he did it right this time -

with documentation to prove it!

*Lee’s Ferry *'s_Ferry



Meanwhile, our baby turned 18.


- and Summer turned into a beautiful Fall.



and these two are just starting on a wonderful adventure.



She asked me for advice, “for a happy marriage”

which actually made me smile to think  -

Am I the person to ask?


Maybe Pres. Monson said it more eloquently today then I ever could.

“ ….She was the love of my life,  my trusted confident, my closest friend,….

through all these years I have felt nothing but the full and complete support of my sweet companion,

countless are the sacrifices she made…. never a word of complaint…

we were sealed by one having authority….

This is knowledge that sustains me”

Doesn’t 65 years sound amazing?!


Nellie and Nate – Thank you for letting us celebrate the beginning of your journey with you.

Thanks for adding to our #hashtag this year

- and to our eternity!!


*engagement photos

Monday, July 15, 2013

Coming to America


What can you say about Washington DC that has not been said by poets and patriots.


What picture can you take that a million others haven’t already taken?


I am deliriously tired-

and it is late-

and here I am trying to put into pictures and words

what a meaningful trip this was for me.


If you want a vacation go to the beach or on a cruise.

Which I am all for – tomorrow!

(need a vacation – from my vacation)

If you want to learn, love, smile, cry, be amazed, and be proud to be an American

-head to DC.


and I must say -

Hooray for DC!

‘cause you do it with class and style.


The memorials, the Museums are gorgeous and tasteful.

Some are awe inspiring, and some are heart wrenching.

All leave a lasting impression.


I would like to vote DC as the City with the most American flags waving.

The architecture caught my eye

- all varied – and different -

but from every single building large and small

a flag (or two) was waving.




I hope I came away from this trip

a little wiser, a little more grateful, and little more curious.

I hope the men, and women who gave so much-

will think it was worth it.

I hope I  LOVE America a little more-

and will honor their sacrifices.


Thank you to our tour guides – Thanks Josh for getting an internship in DC for US!

Thanks Little Princess for the best Birthday – We had a perfectly lovely time.

We love you!


Thanks Mookie for your hard work in school this year so we could go!

Thanks for being so interested in LIFE!

You are constantly teaching me things that are incredibly fascinating.

Thanks for being my travel buddy!



Classic Picture.

Just had to include it!


Maybe the best Photo of the Trip.


Self Portrait!

- as in I did not take very many pictures of me on this trip -

so this will do nicely.


(custard/frozen ice – you can even have them mixed – with some very unique flavors

– and seriously with a sign like this who is not coming back.)

Thank you Rita’s for bringing us happiness.


photo (8)


Sunday, June 16, 2013



Sometimes we like to go on Adventures.

Our Adventures usually consist of the back country somewhere.

For instance on this last adventure we did not see another person – all day.


These adventures feed my soul.

The beauty, The solace, The people I am with.

I am so grateful for these moments in life.

Speaking of moments -

I had a moment on this last adventure,

Maybe you have heard….


I was stuck, and I uttered these words,


“I am in Trouble!”

My mind was a little frantic….


In that exact moment-

my son calmly yelled up at me  -

“Mom I have a pocket knife will that help?”

You see I had caught my glove in the ATC-

and it was jammed-

so I could not move up, or down.


That knife was precisely what I needed.

He threw it up to me -

landed it right in my lap-

and within a little bit I was safe on the ground.


I watched as Mookie –

grabbed that pocket knife out of the car-

and put it is his pack.

No one else had a knife with them.

It was a little knife.

When I first saw it  -

I thought, ”oh my this might not help.”


But precisely -

because it was so small I was able to stick it inside the ATC-

and cut the glove away until I could move.

I know this could have been A LOT worse!!

That is what has been on my mind this week.


I keep thinking over and over.

What I needed in that precise moment -

Was provided!!

And I know with all of my heart


This was no coincidence.


I humbly give thanks to Heavenly Father


For the inspiration my son received to grab that Pocket knife-

and provide me with the precise thing I needed.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Fern


Every year at our house we are lovingly reminded that the Gospel Plan has been restored.

Sometimes in the early spring I go  out and I hardly see any signs of The Fern

I think to myself, did we some how manage to kill it over the awful winter?

A week or so later I see a few shoots and think – well at least a little survived.


Pretty soon I look out my kitchen window and WOW!

It is full and green and lush.

I did not plant The Fern it was lovingly left here for our family to enjoy by The Grandparents

So every spring we could tell our kids-

Do you know where this Fern came from?


Growing for over 40 years in our backyard.

We love this Fern, and over the years we have shared it with family, friends, and neighbors.

We love that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us,

and we love the reminder we have every year that He loves all of us,

and We love HIM!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


As a  Society we often comment,

“Oh you can tell they are first time parents”


“-just wait until they have another child”

or better yet -

“They need another child!”

carter birthday8

No one prepared me for the first time grand parenting

All anyone ever said to me was,

“Oh you will  love it!”


“Isn’t it so much fun!”

carter birthday6

I would say the past year has made hubby and I

carter birthday8

Down right


carter birthday18


Look what he has had to put up with!

carter birthday11

I put this out there to warn my fellow

-first timers -


-even though you are mature, wise, older -

You will become

a little ridiculous!

carter birthday14

And least you think -

Hubby is alone in the silly category

carter birthday19

Or that I am unfairly picking on him

photo (1)

-I give you a study I have been collecting

that I like to call

- Carter & Grandma Face-Timing! -

photo (2)

BTW: First time grandparents:

Face-Time is a must-

if you live more then 5 minutes away from each other:

photo (3)

Please pay particular attention to the small window

  in the upper right hand corner!

photo (4)

What is she doing – now??

photo (5)

Look at my new trick Grandma!

photo (6)

The most amusing thing might be -

I am the one who is taking the screen shots

carter birthday2

Oh those silly-silly

first time