Sunday, October 6, 2013



Though there are no pictures to document the occasion

and though we both have different versions of the story.

It was right here about 27 years ago-  I said I would marry him!

A teeny tiny problem is he did not get down on one knee to do that

-a fact I have never let him forget-



We’ll he made sure he did it right this time -

with documentation to prove it!

*Lee’s Ferry *'s_Ferry



Meanwhile, our baby turned 18.


- and Summer turned into a beautiful Fall.



and these two are just starting on a wonderful adventure.



She asked me for advice, “for a happy marriage”

which actually made me smile to think  -

Am I the person to ask?


Maybe Pres. Monson said it more eloquently today then I ever could.

“ ….She was the love of my life,  my trusted confident, my closest friend,….

through all these years I have felt nothing but the full and complete support of my sweet companion,

countless are the sacrifices she made…. never a word of complaint…

we were sealed by one having authority….

This is knowledge that sustains me”

Doesn’t 65 years sound amazing?!


Nellie and Nate – Thank you for letting us celebrate the beginning of your journey with you.

Thanks for adding to our #hashtag this year

- and to our eternity!!


*engagement photos

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Anonymous said...

I think that may be the same shirt I was wearing when we got engaged the first time.