Friday, December 5, 2008


I certainly would hate to be our photographer.
I do not know which would be worse
- taking photos of our family
- or a grumpy child.

This is our family tradition
- every Thanksgiving
- its our way of acknowledging what we are most thankful for.

In saying that
- we realize we have the attention span
- of a two year old
- when we get together.

I have never met such a silly family -these are the real photos -the real us.

This year we expanded our focus to include pictures of Nellie
-it being her Senior year and all.
-I will not add any bragging here
-for which she will be so proud of her Mother.

-No need to brag

-her pictures say it all.

I do ponder over who starts all this silliness

-don't be critical children. I think you are beautiful,
-inside and out
-I am getting to a point here,

-oh ya, who creates all this silliness when we sit down to take that perfect portrait??

I will not point any fingers for who is to blame.

But you got to love HIM don't you.
-we like to keep it real
-life is better when it gets a little silly
-at least from my viewpoint

Photos by Todd Ashman
-thanks uncle Todd they are fabulous and we know what you had to put up with.


kmcaldwell said...

Nellie looks alot like Bella Swan from Twilight

Cori said...

I love the silly does keep it real!

Jami said...

The NEW family pics are great! Your family is all grown up,it's CRAZY! My son J.T. was looking at them and asked if we were related:) He wanted to know why he hadn't been introduced and where you all lived, (where the heck has he been all these years)?!! The little girl in our photo is new to our family, she has been with us since August. She's so much fun, we are not sure what the outcome will be, we are just crossing our fingers!!

Aunt Tiff said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Zona said...

Loved the fam pictures, and the ones of Nellie are awesome. She is very photogenic, love her smile. Jen, you do a fantastic job on your blog. Love, Grandma Z