Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Desert Weekend

The desert was so beautiful this weekend!
I read a book a few years ago that taught me, all people have a region of the earth that speaks to their soul, okay speaks to their soul was not the word they used, but I understood it that way. Back to the point, all people have a region that they love better then all other places.
Of course, I believed every word the book said.

The book stated three regions:


I added a fourth;
The Desert.

I do appreciate the desert,
but my region is definitely the Mountains!
I love the mountains! I am in awe of the mountains.
I notice that if it has been awhile since I have been in the mountains, I start to go a little stir crazy. Usually a run, or bike up the canyon cures this. Easy fix!

What is yours?
Most people do not have to think too hard,
to know what theirs is.

I am not sure about the prairie, I have forgotten what a wide open space feels like.
I was born by the wide open spaces, but moved when I was too little to remember, and I have never been back.
Maybe that is what this yearning in my soul has been, and I just didn't know it. Wow, I finally found my deepest yearnings answered. I am just joking!
All joking aside though, I think I need to feel what the prairie feels like, I am really curious.
Road trip anyone?

The ocean is fun, but I do not crave it!
I know some people who do.
They always complain about dry skin when they have to move in land.
They even have cruel names for those of us who can't deeply empathize with them.
Land locked. Main landers. In lander. Crazy Utahns -
okay I went a little overboard, again. Sorry.

Hubby, loves the desert!
Loves, loves, loves it!
We go there often, and when we do his rhythms balance out , or something.
He is one happy boy.
He has tried to move me away from my mountains, several times, but I am stubborn.
I am sure one day we will find a compromise.

So most of the time I send him off on a bike weekend and that does the trick.
He comes home so happy!

He is the reason I came up with my own fourth category, not that I am some scientist or something, I just know he is drawn to the desert.

Nellie, on the other hand says the desert scares her,
go figure?
She is my mountain girl!

Side note:
Notice that Sam is hiking in a skirt.
Only my Sam would hike in the desert in a skirt!
I guess I failed to teach her about rattlers, and scorpions
Oh My!


holly shaw said...

Also Mckay and Katy are in black shirts not very deserty atire. St. George looks nice cloudy and overcast thats how I love the Desert in the summer.

Becky said...

you're fun Jen. I loved reading through your blog. Good thing you didn't read that quote about age in yoga yesterday. Sounds like you are feeling a little on the (old) side. Just cause your baby is in Jr. High doesn't mean you couldn't have a kindergartener! you're awesome, thanks for making me feel good and for the good laugh on your blog. Now go to sleep.