Thursday, September 4, 2008

College days!

I wanted to post a picture of Samantha and I,
but this is the only recent girl photo I could find.

We started at BYU this week!
Mom and Daughter off to school.
You know how your little princess starts kindergarten,
and you want to go, but she looks at you like, are you crazy MOM!

Well, Sam did not look at me like that.
She did register me for my one class.
Yep, just one class, it is all I can handle.

I walked across campus last night and giggled a little!
Oh, to be eighteen again, and no I am not feeling old.
I was so happy! I was so happy I'm not eighteen.
It made me giggle.

I am going to admit something a tad bit embarrassing.

I was thinking as I giggled, this is the first time I have been on a college campus,

and did not spend all my time looking at the opposite sex.

Am I to old to say this?

I was so happy, that I am finally going to school for the right reason.

I smiled a big smile, and stepped into a large class of,

eighteen year olds?

At least they all looked eighteen to me.

I realize I am not the only one on campus my age, but we definitely are in the minority.
I was an oddity!
Maybe for the first time in my life?
(I do not want to hear it Brian!)

But, I have seen a few odd things this summer,
and lived to tell about them.
Maybe you noticed something odd in all of these photo's.

(Except the one of my beautiful daughters!)

Yes, seeing Hubby in glasses is something
I never thought I would see, so it counts as being ODD

Things I never thought I would see in life.
Yet, here they are, and here I am starting school again!


Rocking bag pipe players?
Rocker? Bag pipes? Do they go together??

Sorry, I do not have time to explain why all my photo's are odd,
but since you are all family now, and family means realizing
I have a odd sense of humor.
Giggle, smile a little, and go on with your day,
and we're both happy.

I am on the ten year plan at BYU.
I better get used to being an oddball.
Question is this a
stork, or is it a crane?
On a roof??
It is a odd sign!


holly shaw said...

Registered Yoga Teacher

BellyBoatBum said...

The picture looks like a cross between a Sandhill Crane and a Great Blue Heron. The Crane has a red patch from eye level up while the Heron has a black crown. But the Heron normally has a black shoulder patch and a black plume raising off the head. Juvenile Herons lack both of these, so I'm betting on a Heron. Heron nest in tall trees so one on the roof wouldn't be that unusual. Cranes normally are on flat ground. Aren't you glad you asked.

Aunt Tiff said...

Jenne - I got a new Canon RebelSXi. I LOVE it!!! Before my new one I had a Rebel, but it only had 8 megapixels. My new one has 12.2. You probably have a nicer camera than that already, but for me, I am in love with the Rebel! (yes I am still talking about my camera:) Anyway, let me know what you think!! And about being one of the old chicks on campus...I am sure you are still one of the hottest!!!!:)

Jami said...

Hey Jen - It's me Jami. I can't believe that I am attempting to do this whole BLOG thing. Nothing great but I just got started and hour ago and I have to stop for a football game (go figure). Check us out at: