Sunday, August 31, 2008

Temple and The Flag!

I Love to see the temple!
I am going there someday
to feel the Holy Spirit to listen and to pray.

Katy and I snuck away.
We needed to feel the spirit.

We came to our favorite place in St. George!

The sky was cloudy,

raindrops where in the air.

A slight wind was blowing.

The symbol of Gods eternal love for us.

The symbol of our beautiful country

side by side.

It was a very peaceful and serene moment.

I could not stop photographing -

these beautiful symbols!

Full of promise!

Bringing me joy!

For the Temple is a house of God.
A place of love and beauty,
I'll prepare myself while I am young, this is my sacred duty.

1 comment:

kmcaldwell said...

How do you end up with the best post ever?! They are always spactacular!! ( is that how you spell spactacular ?) wow that is an amazing picture of the temple and the flag together