Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where oh where has Summer gone?

Yes, it is that time of year.
The time of year where you are caught waiting.
Waiting for the long summer days to go away!
Yes, I said it, and you all know you feel the same way.
It is the time of year where you are tired of looking for your kids in the morning,
and finding them sleeping once again in front of the TV.

The honesty has got me going here,
and I am going to admit that about this time of year
I am the first one in bed at night,
and who knows when my children go to bed.
Yes, I am usually the first one up in the mornings too,
by about four hours.

So, I just hang on,
and let the public school system reign my children in
because I clearly have lost control.

In honor of this last week before school starts
I am taking the kiddos on a quick trip.
We are going to enjoy these last moments of freedom.
Too bad none of my princesses' can get off work.
Once again
Mookie and I,
will venture off to have all the fun by ourselves.
I will take lots of pictures,
and princesses you will feel like you did not miss a thing!
You better believe I am so sad.
Why did you have to hurry and grow up so fast?
What happened to those sweet summer vacations we enjoyed all together?
Why did you want to take a summer jobs, instead of play with me?
I am certainly not the one that forced to you to be responsible.
I mean, I let you stay up way past your bedtimes.
(Question, what is a bedtime?).
I even let you sleep past.....
(shhh, but don't tell grandma it was past 10am).
I tried my hardest not to teach you
to be all organized and responsible.
So feel free to come and play with me!

I guess Blogspot is having a hard time downloading my pics today.
This must be why Blogger and I get along so well,
it doesn't feel like being responsible quite yet either.
We can both put it off for another week!
Enjoy the week!
I am going to be lazy one more time,
check in next weekend,
and hopefully
a new and rejuvenated moosemamma will be back.


Aunt Tiff said...


WOW, it was good to hear from you on my blog!! And NO Jami does not have a blog...matter of fact right now she doesn't even have the internet, and if she did have a blog she wouldn't know how to use it:) and I would end up doing it for her!! She says hello though and that she loves ya! Keep checking in on us and I have added you to my list so i will be checking in on you guys...take care!!


holly shaw said...

I hope that school treats you all well you with your new job and all. Okay when you figure out if all colleges do that tution half off thing let me know that could be a contribution from me to my childrens college fund.