Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life in Steamboat

Reality Check!
Alas, these are the only pic's I have of Steamboat Springs.
Hopefully, by using the word ALAS in the previous sentence
you will note the despair in my voice.
I set my camera down - and it's gone! Gone! GONE!
So, I now know how to download my photo's from my phone.
(not a bad little camera).
I had been sending cute pictures of Mookie to the Hubby all day.

The Gondola ride was fun


I discovered I couldn't take cool photos.

I lost the most priceless pic's of the mammas synchronized swim team.

You should of seen us!

Working to get ready for the Olympics.

It was priceless!

Now the images are only in our hearts.

Sorry mammas!

I have a bad habit of setting things down.

I remember setting it back in my purse.

My memory is a little faulty, 'cause it's not there.

I want to live in Steamboat!

Every time I go on vacation.

I always do this,

I look around at how cool the place is,

and I want to move on in.

I really, seriously want to live there.

I have a lot of different places I want to live.

I will need to move about every three months,

for the rest of my life,

to live everywhere I want.

The same, up and move urge hits me,

when I see a fun place in a movie,

or read about it in a book. There are so many fun places in this world,

and I want to live in all of them.

I figure three months is enough time to get to know a place, right?

I am in mourning.
I want my
(it's really Rog's,
I gave it to him for his b-day a couple of years ago)
snappy little camera back, or at least my photo's!
I'm trying not to say someone stole it.
I did set it down to buy tickets.
It is not really worth stealing,
it's not an expensive camera,
but it takes fun little photos for me!

I took the most priceless picture of these two BFF'S.
(Is that too girly of a thing to say?)

You must visit Steamboat if you get a chance, it is wonderful. We ran/biked along the beautiful Yampa river. We took the Gondola up to Gorgeous Christie Peak. We floated the river. To top it all off, we went to a fabulous yoga class at the Yoga RX studio that overlooks the Yampa river.
Good friends, the sun was shinning, the cooks were gourmet, a beautiful place to explore.
Safety for all!
So, why am I complaining about this one little glitch of loosing something.
A something that I can replace.
I am letting it go!

Oh, and the kids had fun too!

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