Friday, August 8, 2008

Droplets of Water!

Since my mind has been on droplets this week,
and droplets lead to water,
water leads to drinking water from bottles,
which my friend happened to show me the little blurp
on the side of her water bottle.
Go ahead, read it, and have a laugh.
Be glad you are reading it here,
because on the water bottle the type was minuscule.
I know what that says about us taking the time to read it,
but please believe my two excuses
(1) I compulsively read everything(cereal boxes, billboards, and now water bottles)
(2) we like to laugh!
- Joleen and I, yes we do!

The water with all the answers:
Is it just us or do clouds get a bad rap? While we admit they're not as great to have around on a beach day, as say, the sun, clouds are unsung hero's because they contain nature's purest source of water. Meanwhile, spring water comes from the ground and contains random stuff and whatever else the animals that swim in it leave behind. That's why we copied our white puffy friends by creating smartwater. It's vapor distilled so its in its purest original state. It's a difference you can taste...unless of course, you have no taste buds (then you're on your own)but, we don't stop there. We one-up the clouds by adding electrolytes just in case you do decide to hit the beach, unfortunately, we can't fix the whole men in thongs thing.

I'm just going to laugh, just laugh, and laugh,
and laugh!
-what were they thinking????
Laughter brings its own special kind of hope!

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holly shaw said...

Thats great Hey where did you get those reading facts and the funny story of hair. If either of them are from books i want to read them