Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Warrior

I realize life is all about balance.
When I feel out of balance the grumpies take hold.
I know myself well enough to know I need certain things to feel balanced.

I really need this guy. He helps me balance all my pebbles. The thing I need most from him is this amazing smile. He is not allowed to be grumpy. The very first thing I fell in love with is this fantastic smile! Yes, that was in the first five minutes of meeting him twenty something years ago! I am still left speechless when he flashes me this genuine smile!
(I know me speechless it is hard to imagine!)

I need my children to be healthy and happy. Each one of them needs different things for this to happen. Balancing six different personalities and needs sometimes is quite the juggling act. There are days when I feel that our home is a bed and breakfast. A cozy, cottage type of bed and breakfast, with a mint on the pillow, and a maid that picks up


this is not a bed and breakfast. I need to make sure as a family we feel a little more connected then just eating and sleeping.

School has started and we find the students and school work spread all over the house. My day starts before dawn and ends way after dark. I have always felt like I struggled to have enough energy to get everything that is important done. You may be asking yourself why I would want to take on a full time job, if I am just shy of crazy.

Simple answer - I felt prompted!

We are already seeing the blessings of working at this particular place at this particular time.

My kids will get a break in college tuition, which will be our number one expense in the next few years.

Plus, I can begin taking a few classes to work towards my degree (which I never finished and have always wanted too!) for free.

This is a huge blessing in our lives!

So, as I join all the other moms out there who are trying to balance a lot of pebbles, I found myself at Wal-mart (my least favorite place) on a Saturday afternoon (the worst time ever).

I have become a weekend warrior!


A weekend warrior is the worst type of athlete. The athlete that is so busy during the week that they only exercise on the weekends, and most of the time they over do it and get very sore, or hurt in the process.

I knew at that moment that I need to really learn to pace, and stack my pebbles. Quickly, very quickly, or else I will find myself in the worst places at the worst times, and miss moments like this.

I might forget to notice things growing and changing like this!

So a weekend warrior I am not.

I will find my balance.

I will find the time for the most important things in life.

I will sit still every once in awhile and enjoy the sweet moments of life.

I will take time to notice the blessings that a loving Heavenly Father is sending my way!

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The Williams said...

Since you are so busy now I will text you once in a while so you will have a message at lunch time. I don't want Lon Dree to become your best friend.