Thursday, August 28, 2008


Definition of distracted:
Rendered incapable of behaving,reacting etc.
in a normal manner, as by worry, remorse,
or the like; irrational, disturbed.

Okay, the last part has me a little worried, but I have sat down to blog several times this week, and have been totally distracted. I would start doing really random things.

Mookie let Murphy jump on to me, I am usually am very okay with sweet little Murph running all over me, but he started chewing on my knuckles?? Very random, he has never done that before. It tickled and I squirmed, Murphy gets excited when you squirm. Not a good thing for a sugar glider to get excited, yes he does, and he did.

He tinkles on you. Distracting!

Seventh grade means starting band. He had to pick the trombone - he just had to!
Very distracting!

(Also, a little bit cute!

I make him practice a lot, hoping he will improve fast,

so it won't sound like someone is dying. )

I haven't run in two weeks. Do not laugh at me, it has been very hard on me. I need some tips on how to exercise at night. I am too distracted at night to get anything done. I am happy enough to just watch this awesome OHS trackster!! Run Katy Run!

This is all the papers they gave me to read and sign my first week of work at the FBI, oops I mean BYU!!

Shh, do not tell them but I read them as well as I read disclosure documents from my school children. I will leave it up to you to assume how much that is, 'cause I am not telling.

I sat down at the computer once to blog,(What else do you do on a computer??) and ended up organizing all my photos into files and folders.

I just thought you would like to see Baby Holly's MOM!! Yes, I had a baby at thirteen, but thankfully I was just raising my little sister! ( okay Cathe you can have some of the credit too!)

I am usually not this touchy about how old I am - I am really distracted. Sorry, this conversation is a you had to be there moment.

Forgive me, this happens when my mind gets boggled, (is that another word for distracted?) Photos still not completely organized.

Is it me, or Holly? me or Holly??

Then I happen to stare for a few moments at the books on the bookshelf by the computer.

What the Heck?

Please notice the short middle book! ??? What can I say, I have no excuses.

Okay, here's the story.

I have a box of old books in the storage room, getting ready to be taken to DI. When I was in Colorado sweet Hubby and Nellie rearranged my computer room, and fixed the bookshelf I had built, (of course I am using that term loosely, thanks to IKEA!) They needed some books to place in it and used the books from my DI box.

I just noticed!

The book in the middle, someone gave to me as a white elephant gift a couple of years ago, with a gorgeous Fabio t-shirt to go with it. I have got to find that T-shirt.

What a laugh!

The rest of the books I can't explain. Sorry!


holly shaw said...

Yes we would love to see the three generation picture on the blog. Is it digital? If so i would LOVE a hard copy never to be denied

BellyBoatBum said...

Turn about is fair play. I started raising you, at what, 9. I was the only one you would go to "sleep" for. And you notice that "sleep" is in quotes, because I would spend hours getting you to go to sleep. And when you hadn't moved a muscle for 15 minutes, I would try and sneak out of the room and you would start crying again.

Aunt Tiff said...

i love reading your blog! you are so funny. I love days where you try to get something done and it just never happens...that is my life on a daily basis!

The Williams said...

Huh? I think you kept distracted while you were writing.