Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life in Scrubs!

Could you live your life in Scrubs?
I LOVE them!
They are the best!
So Comfy.
Always in fashion, (in certain jobs)
You've got to love them!

So life as an employed person has its perks.
Hubby loves how organized I've become.
Ta DA!
The School drop bench.
Kiddo's please drop all school gear two steps inside the door!
I've trained them perfectly.

Here is my best friend, patiently waiting for me to come home from work.

Lon Dree is a always there for me.

Thus my best friend, and I am going to embrace her,

(I have no idea why she is feminine,

but she is in my house?!)

and most of all I am grateful that we have clothes,

lots and lots of clothes, apparently!

I survived,

I am alive!

It's Friday!

I love my new job!

Go Courgars!

I am hopeful that it will work out well, really well.
I am excited for the opportunity to learn.
I hopefully can become more organized as the weeks roll on.
But in case I don't,

I love laundry!

and Hubby does the cooking, so I am twice blessed.


holly shaw said...

I'm glad that you still have time to blog even if it is once a week now. Sometimes with us (caldwell girls) schedules help us get things done. Thats what i've found and mine just is better with some of the little things scheduled

holly shaw said...

if you put the "bell" of the stethescope over the right shoulder and the ears over the left shoulder you will look "more legit". Thats how I do it and I'm "2 legit to quit".