Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to the Future!

As the kidlets head off to school tomorrow. I try to remind myself that we send them to school to invest in their future. As their parent, I believe the more I can get them to work at, enjoy, and learn from school, then hopefully their futures will be bright.
And, I do see a bright futures for my favorite people on earth.

He knows more random facts about unique animals, or strange places, then anyone I have ever known. He has a love for life, and a thirst for knowing all about how the planet we live on works. He amazes me with his memory, and I want him to fill it up with good things.
He starts jr. high this year and I am so happy that school peaks this curiosity he has about the world. When he comes home from school, everyday I love for him to tell me all about it, and you know I learn something new every time. Yeah for good teachers!
She lights up my room when she walks in, thank goodness I see her every day, or else my life would be so dark! I need her light, and life seems a little more fun when she is hanging out with you. She made the best snow cones this summer, I think she put extra syrup on mine, she is like that always doing nice things for me.

She also did my laundry for me all summer. When someone does your laundry, as a mom you feel like you are on vacation. Well, back to the laundry for me, and back to school for you sweetie, back to books, boys, wood shop,(?) and health science. Just smile baby, you'll be fine.

Here is my world traveler, my Mona Lisa, which she saw in person this summer, by the way. She has worked full time this summer to pay for her next trip, next summer to England and Ireland she goes.

She keeps me stable, and calm, when she is around I feel grounded, and that life is going as planned. Her senior year holds great promise for her. I hope her future includes many, many more trips, beautiful old buildings, gorgeous photos, original paintings, graceful dancing, and the stars, the stars honey, you know they are within your reach!

Yes, my oldest is still running faster then I can catch up too! I think she started this as soon as she could walk. I tried to hold her down, but I have to say I have never succeeded. She is a junior at college this year, says she wants to be an English teacher, and I am sure she could teach me a thing or two. She is an explorer, always off and discovering things I can't teach her.

I love to watch her, tackling a new challenge, and coming out on top. She always comes out on top! I am so happy for the beautiful adult daughter she is, and I am glad she is my friend, one of my favorite people in the world!

Yes, after the last one leaves the house this is what I do, sit, meditate, dream of waterfalls, and Hawaii! peace, Peace, PEACE! Shanti! Shanti! SHANTI!
Well not this year - in case you missed the big announcement,

I am starting work tomorrow at the BYU Health Center! HIGH HO! HIGH HO! IT'S OFF TO WORK I GO! Someone needs to pay for all this brilliance, ya know!
I know I have been embarrassing my kiddos today. Sorry kids, but I want them to know that we
(hubby is included in thinking our kids are great!) admire, and love, love, love you!
Have a great year!

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holly shaw said...

Hope you have a great year at BYU and i hope you find your camarea. Hope you blog doesn't die a slow death cause i love reading it. But i know you'll be super busy