Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taylor's Song

Meet Mckay's cousin Taylor.
We really have two cousins named Taylor
(one on both sides, one girl cousin Taylor, one boy cousin Taylor.)
Boy cousin Taylor is leaving on a mission to Vancouver Canada.
One of the prettiest places on the earth. He is one lucky guy.

There are only four boys cousins on Rogers side of the family.

Taylor is the oldest boy cousin and Mckay is the youngest.

Mckay loves to plays guitar. He also writes his own songs.
(I'm bragging, but they are really good.)
This is his new guitar that he saved his lawn mowing money to buy.
The name of his song is "Taylor's song."
He looks up to his older cousins and they do not let him down.
Taylor is one good kid.

Grandpa gave Taylor some great advice.
This is his first grand kid to go on a mission.
All those cute girls got married and are having cute, cute great grand babies babies.
Nine great grand babies for Gary and Zona at last count.

Grandma read a poem that her father wrote.
I need a copy and I will post it.
I loved it.
I wonder if all the grand kids know how lucky they are. What neat grandparents!

We are so happy for Taylor.
He will enjoy his mission and do a great job.
Our prayers and thoughts will be with him.
I would love an excuse to visit Vancouver again.

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