Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Chaos!

I get a Christmas in July every year. It is the best time to have a birthday. Half way through the year. Halfway through the summer.
Yes, I still celebrate my birthday. I am honored to be the age I am.
41 big ones! (even my Dad said I was getting old - what does that mean?)
Plus, everyone is so nice to me. Plus, I will use any excuse to have a fun day!

I am spoiled with a husband that gives me the best and most unexpected gifts. ( I will do a blog some time on his legendary gift giving abilities.) He always knows just what I never knew I needed. He really does go all out for me and I love it. Love you Babe!

My kids take after their father - Spoil Mom is the mantra of the Day!

My bestest friends. A fantastic birthday breakfast. Love you guys!

Lest we forget we are in training for the Triathlon! Go Spudman! 3 weeks and counting! Huff-Huff, Puff-Puff. I am a triathlete! Am I squinting?

Random picture of all three girls together, so happy together. They are up to something - I can see it in their eyes!

(My Hoodlums)

Beautiful Summer full of Chaos!! See ya on the flip side!


holly shaw said...

Glad you had a great birthday tried to call on the right day but got an answering machine. Then i thought we lost you cause there were no blogs for awhile.

ann said...

So tell us what was in those beautifully wrapped presents?? You look 31 to me.