Monday, July 21, 2008

Da Family!

With my Family,as large as it is, you expect to get all kinds.

THE BEAUTIFUL! (my sisters and I)
From left to right.
Holly the baby - hence her youthful good looks.
Valerie - the wisest of us all!
(1. Susan my oldest sister was not able to be at the reunion.
2. Val wouldn't like me to mention she is old, that is older then me. )
Me - you know enough about me.
and Cathe - my partner in crime.
Why are you hiding behind us Cathe?

And Brian....
I love Kristi! Kristi is the best!
Kristi is Brian's wife. She inherited this crazy family, without fair warning I think.
But Brian .....
I cannot say anything, without getting sarcastic
a nasty habit I am trying to break.
He knows this and tempts me all the time.
Hey Bri, thanks for the Dr. Pepper.

This is who started all this.
Affectionately called.
Pappa & Granny
Some might call it a mess,
others crazy.
I think it is wonderful madness!
Two people brave enough to bring us ALL into this world and
raise us with a lot of love, chaos, and hard work.

This is a typical sight we see.
We have literally worn him out. Poor Pappa.

But who expected to see this!

P.S. You know this is only half of us. The other five I will introduce on another blog. Nine siblings make for too long of a blog.

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