Friday, June 20, 2008


This Wednesday I went for my first ever Mammogram, and yes that does make me 40. I had heard friends talk about the wonderful process of getting a mammogram, but the experience was far richer then I expected. So don't laugh, okay I know you are going to laugh. Go ahead - I hope you laugh so hard you pee your pants. I hope that every time you see me you can't help but think of me getting my first mammogram.
The technician got me all posed for the shoot and then told me to tilt my chin up, pull my shoulder back, twist towards her, and stand a little taller and as she is giving me these instructions. I say to my self," here is your chance Jen.
Right then and there I became a superstar model. I posed beautifully, I tucked, I tilted, and I lifted. I held on to the machine and pulled my shoulder back all the while giving that fabulous poutie face that only real stars know how to give.
Yes, I have had my fleeting moment in the spotlight. Needless to say my outfit was scandalous. (What will the neighbors think?) I did it, can you believe it. I showed more then a little cleavage. You know what I feel so free. What a liberating experience. I do believe it changed my life.
Too bad I only got four shots and they said they did not need me again until next year. I will practice my poses. I will be ready. I will come back stronger then ever. I will make them love me!
So that's my mind doing the mammogram fantasy. Pictures of me hiking are just to distract you as you read this. I am sure you do not want to picture me playing "superstah mammogram."

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