Sunday, June 22, 2008


After three days of studying with Syl Carson at White Mountain Yoga I feel I came away saying, "Ah-Ha!"
It was a very peaceful, energizing three days. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
We all need to find ways to re-charge once in a while. I really needed this.
I love the scripture that says, " truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come." D&C 93:24
I love history, I love to learn about cultures, and events that have shaped the world. I love to see how one person can change the world. (Like in the book Three cups of tea. by Greg Mortenson. Read it- you will love it!) I am looking forward to the events of Christ's 2nd coming that we've been promised are coming. (Soon I hope!)
With this is mind, I was privileged to learn a little about the Chakra system as taught in the eastern healing systems. I feel I have learned a little more about how our bodies work, and connect the spiritual to the physical. How we hold and manifest our emotions positive and negative. How we can help ourselves grow and heal.
Here is a snippet of what I wrote at the workshop.
Truth sets us free and that is what I am feeling -a freeing in my heart (less judgemental - more love). Free in my mind - not everyone has to follow the exact path that I am on - God will take care of them too. My body feels lighter - I set down some of my worn out burdens - I am not going to require myself to carry them anymore. I am not perfect, nor do I have to be. Life is a path not a test that I need to pass right now. This means to me that I am not on trial today by anybody(including myself.) Christ is right here with me and helping me, teaching me, and showing me the way. Line upon line- precept upon precept, if I am faithful. (D & C 98:12)
I love when you start on a project and you get so excited and wound up - we call that Shakti energy. You also need Shiva energy or a stabilizing energy for that creation to happen in the physical, or it just remains stuck as dream.
I feel I am at the starting to see a few of my creations unfold into the physical.
My kids are starting to step out on there own. There first steps are bigger then I could of imagined. My desire to teach and go to school are starting to take off. I am learning that as I listen to the Spirit and open my heart I see the beauty in all of Gods creations and it is a beautiful sight. - Namaste'

p.s. How does all this relate to Howard DeCyst. That is whole other post.
Just to let you know I believe I can let Howard go now without surgery with the help of some natural healing. Wish me luck.

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