Thursday, June 19, 2008


I did something without a thought today. I went to my normal yoga class this morning and have ended up staying for a work shop. No one knew where I was or what I was doing. I feel like a kid sneaking into Mom's chocolates (which I did as often as I could get away with it.)
This work shop has been scheduled for months. I could of signed up weeks ago, but I was focused on another one at the end of the summer. This workshops is different then others I usually choose to go to - this one is focusing on the chakra's(energy centers in the body) and more of a yin(or softer restorative poses)yoga.
During class all of the sudden I thought I need to go to this workshop. I was trying to figure out all the details of how to make it work, (time, money, etc). Toward the end of class I had logically talked myself out of it and I was going to stick to my original plan. As I sat up from Shavasana, The clearest thought came to me - JUST GO! The teacher walked over to me and said, "Do you have any interest in staying for the workshop, I think you will really like it. I think it will be so good for what you have been going through(meaning - HOWARD DECYST)."
So I stayed - can you believe it- I just stayed.
I am on lunch break right now. I came home to inform my family that I love them, and I have not died in a car crash. Now I am heading back and my head is spinning. I will keep you updated. I need to take a minute and write more about what is going on with Howard that has lead to all of this in the first place.

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