Wednesday, June 18, 2008


To kick start the summer we always enjoy a good ole' fashioned summerfest.
This is our town's unique style of celebrating our community and all that stands for.
I always felt sorry for my kids that we never made it to my hometown 24th of July celebration. They needed to experience an old fashion town parade, rodeo and pit barbecue. I have fond nostalgic memories.
This year my daughter, who is out of town, said to me, "I am so sad to be missing this years fest." Our kids have grown up enjoying the summerfest. I had to chuckle. I knew how she felt.
Most years we start the day by some or all of us running the 5k. I have fun and the kids endure. Now days they actually refuse to run (except Katy), but I have pictures to prove we use to make our young kids run the 5k with us. Aren't we the worlds meanest parents.
No wonder they were sad that Mckay's baseball games trumped the 5k this year. I can't figure out why?
Hitting the carnival is always a thrill to the kids. I am now old enough that I enjoy the entertainment tent more then the rides. Katy's group did a fun musical review. Mckay is old enough to go on the rides with his group of buddies. I was thrilled that I did not have to endure the yummy carnival food. Every one was happy.
Saving the parade and fireworks for the end of the day tops the day off. Like putting the cherry on top. We set our blankets out early and ride our bikes over with a picnic dinner. Our traditional spot is surrounded by lots of friends and neighbors. Lately, it seems like one or more of our kids have been in the parade. Small town parades are the best filled with high school marching bands, beauty queens, the flag flying, and firetrucks blaring.
Needless to say, my kids have not missed out on anything, they grew up with the same fond memories, different then mine, but just as sweet to them. Good to know.
Now if anyone has a photo of Aaron riding the calf or Shelton pony in the rodeo, I will pay good money for it.

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joleen said...

I want to be Katy. I will go to your house tomorrow (paige)