Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Greatest Fathers in the Whole Wide World!

Three Generations of great men.
Roger and his Dad.
My Dad, my sister Holly and I.
I think I need an updated photo - I am twelve in this one. J/K
What a great Fathers Day!
I for one am glad card companies started this holiday. I was able to talk to and spend time with these great men today. I focused on them and did little nice things for them, and that in turn made it so I had a great day. ( I am starting to wonder how many times I can say the word great in this blog.)
Thanks Dads, Roger, and Mckay for being such great men. Thanks for taking care of me and loving me. Thanks for working hard for me, and sharing your laughter, and wisdom with me. I know I have been greatly blessed by a loving Father in Heaven. I am so grateful he has let me share this wonderful life with you. Each of you have brought great joy into my life.
Isn't life great!
P.S. If any of you counted how many times I used the word great(or any variation of the word) in this blog let me know.

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kmcaldwell said...

Hi Jenne this is Hanna well you used great 10 times. I know what your saying, " OH MY GOSH HANNA CAN COUNT !!! "Well i love you
~ Hanna Caldwell~