Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Yoga Space

Saturday mornings are my favorite. I cannot believe I ever use to crave sleeping in on Saturdays. I didn't even have to set an alarm and I was awake with the sun. I was off to a great yoga class. Then I turned right around and taught my yoga class. Then I ran to Costco and stocked up on all my favorite fruits and vegies - yum. When I walked in the house it's only 10:30 am and I ready for my favorite breakfast- a green smoothie. I feel like I have accomplished amazing things this morning and my kids are just getting up.
I have been so blessed in the past few years to have several friends come into my life who are interested in the same things I am. Introducing Sirpa my yoga mentor/partner/and dear friend. Sirpa has remodeled her bonus room above her garage into this amazing yoga space. I teach here three times a week. I love it. The energy is great and the people I have the privilege to teach are amazing.
I have a funny habit when I teach of saying "Beautiful!" As I teach I watch different people doing different poses and it touches me as deeply beautiful. Yoga is a beautiful practice to watch. My friends who practice with me are amazing. There is something beautiful about a person so into the breath and posture that the body and mind and spirit all shine. I am not talking about some advanced pretzel like posture. (though if you want to learn those you can accomplish that too.) I am talking about a basic sitting posture or tree pose (pictured above). Yoga blesses every ones life and everyone can do it.
The number one reason I love yoga and love to teach it is the feeling it has given me of, "I am a beautiful soul." I do not know how else to describe it. I have grown so much since taking up yoga (about seven years ago -at least). Some of the growing has been beautiful and some of it hard earned. Standing where I am now I would not change a thing. I have loved my unique journey and I am excited for the journey to continue.
The more I open and learn about myself the more I enjoy my life and all the possibilities. As I continue to practice yoga daily, I am really practicing opening my heart, breathing in peace, exhaling out my fears, and surrendering my will to my Heavenly Fathers. It is an amazing practice to add to your life. So come and join us. Everyone is welcome. Come and watch as your life starts to follow the path you dream of and you become the best version of yourself.
(I honor the light in you, and you honor the light in me.)

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