Friday, June 6, 2008

Hurray for girls Camp!

Katy and I spent a total of 48 hours at girls camp this week, 36 of those hours it poured (poured -not rained). Camping in the rain was alot more fun when I when was a kid.
Is this Bob Marley? No- it is "Totally Katy!"
Rog to the rescue! (and other men)
I know this is a bad picture- sorry!
As you can tell it is raining and cold.
Yes, we came home early.
But what you are not seeing in the pictures is the infestation of little green inch worms hanging from the trees. I was told they come every year for about a week and we hit the right week. GROSS! Of course, the black stink bug beetles all over the ground fight them. We were told not to kill the beetles because they eat the inch worms. Fun times!
Katy named the inch worms(Wallace) and the beetles(Boris). Meanwhile, I started to train the inchworms. I found if I waved my finger in front of them they responded and did all kinds of tricks. Living in a tent in the rain will do this to you. Beware!
The moral to this story is we actually had a pretty fun time. You can survive most anything. This to shall pass- right Mom.

If you are wondering where Nellie was. I have not forgotten her. She is in Europe on a tour with a school class. I will post pictures from her trip when she gets back on the 15th.

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