Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yummy Green Smoothies!

I have learned how to make "green smoothies," for breakfast. I will admit my kids do not find them as yummy as I do. I will challenge anyone to try it, you 'll like it. So here is my basic recipe.
1 cup raw spinach
1 apple quartered and cored
(please leave peel on)
1 whole banana fresh or frozen
1 or 2 fresh limes squeezed
1 or 2 T. of Udo's oil or flax seed oil
1 or 2 T. Capra mineral whey
1/2 cup fresh or frozen of any of the following
(any fruit you love- you get the idea!
The more fruit you put in the more juice you have)
The first 6 ingredients stay the same every day, but I change what berries I put in every day. So I have a different tasting smoothie everyday.
This is so easy to make and yummy to drink. When you drink your smoothie you are getting above what the FDA recommends for you fruit and veggie quota for the day. The spinach is completely undetectable (and I even like spinach). This smmothie is a great power kick to start your day. Try it- you will feel so good.
What about the blender. I have a blender that is part of my Boshe machine and it does a great job. I know a lot of people that have invested in a vita-mix or a blend-tec. I am sure those blenders are the best you can buy. When I burn up my engine I will invest in one, but for now I am happy with what I have. So try the smoothies out before you buy and when you become addicted like I have - then invest.
Why do I put Udo's oil and whey in my smoothies. Udo's oil is a combination of several oils (flax, sesame, and sunflower). These oils are so good for you and are full of the omega oils that our heart and mind needs. Several years ago I tried to take flax seed oil to be healthy - I lasted for about 2 weeks. The taste is bearable, but the texture of oil is not my favorite. In my smoothie the oil is completely undetectable. Hurray!
The whey is the highest quality whey I could find. Meaning no additives and sugars. This whey is 100% goat milk whey and it is full of protein and calcium, and our bodies absorb this whey easier. Basically protien and calcium helps our bones, joints and muscles function and as we exercise and start to age. We wear them out and tear them up by all the stress and activities we do. Whey helps us recover quicker and stay healthy. Our bodies need calcium and protiens, but we do not get enough in our normal diets. Also undetectable in the smoothie.
So in one little drink we can get all this great nutrition. I am starting my day off right and it is funny, but if I start my day off healthy I seem to crave healthier foods the rest of the day. I dare you to give it a try.

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