Thursday, May 15, 2008


Many of you know that Samantha is in Hawaii for a semester of school. I received the worst call a mother can get today. "Mom, guess what I've signed up to do- SKYDIVING!" My mantra kicks in "Breathe, Breathe." That is so nice honey. What is a mom supposed to say. I'm a mom I worry. When I was her age I would of been going with her. Why is it scarier to have her going.
Starting this blog is sort of like skydiving for me, because I am putting myself out there so I made some rules for myself.
Rule number one -You will read nothing negative on my blog. No sarcasm, no poking fun at anyone but myself. I know this is a stretch for me because of my deep streak of sarcasm. I have found I feel better about myself when I try to eliminate that ugly habit in my life.
Rule number two- my daily blogs will be about a funny or inspiring thought or incident that happened to me today.
Rule Number three- I will look for and find moments of joy everyday. I will also look for Clarity Points in my life. Clarity Points are listening for that "aha" moment when everything clicks and truth shines. When that moment comes I will remember it- take it in.
Three simple rules. Thanks Sam for reminding me of that today and honey have a blast.


BellyBoatBum said...

Mandy and Ty have both tried sky diving and bungie jumping. Tell her next time to tell dad and have dad tell you after it is over. Works well for me.

The Williams said...

I just want to know if you put on the Carr ginger lemon cookies, or if that is an ad. Craig would love those.