Tuesday, May 27, 2008


In Utah springs are to be treasured because today will be spring, tomorrow winter, and next week it will be 90 degrees. Plan on Memorial day being winter. Word of warning do not go camping over Memorial day weekend it always snows! When the sun is out you have to charge outside and plant everything then pray it does not freeze. I am very thankful for the spring showers, because I love the green. I crave green! Green is my favorite color. By the end of the summer I am pouring water on everything trying to keep it green. So come to my house right now - all is pretty and green.
I love to plant flowers! I love to dig in the dirt. This year I have expanded my horizons and planted some herbs in pots and a few veggies. Plus we have raspberries and strawberries. All on a very small scale of course, but even small spaces can produce.
I was so sad to have to cut down our beautiful cherry tree that was in our front yard. It was really old and got sick. Only then did I realize that everybody else's cherry trees are not that big. Lesson learned, fruit trees are not meant to be shade trees.
I read in the newspaper a couple of days ago that the Burpee seed catalog has doubled it sales this year. I am sure there are many reasons for this, but what a great vibe. I have caught it - lets garden.
Also, spring brings lots of baseball. Mckay is on two teams and had a tournament over the rainy weekend. Then there is the annual dance recitals and plays. Nellie's ballet dance recital is tonight. Katy's play was the first of May. What a fun month. I get to appreciate where all our extra money and time goes. I love to see my kids have fun and learn and grow. Plus, they get to support each other. They get to cheer each other on and see how different and talented they each are.
Another favorite tradition is the Heber cemetery on Memorial day. This was not a tradition I grew up with.(No one was buried in the cemetery for us to really visit.) I love this tradition. The reason I love it is because of the stories. Grandpa and Grandma tell us the best stories every year. Every year my kids are a captive audience for an hour or two. I realized yesterday that Mckay never knew Roger's grandpa, he died when Mckay was ten months old. So, as Grandpa told his stories I was thrilled that Mckay was learning about his family. Family traditions are great. Springtime is the best time for growing new ones and keeping the old ones alive to pass on.

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