Friday, May 30, 2008


Goodbye to Hillcrest Elementary!
You may wonder why we are so attached to Hillcrest. The answer is Roger went to school here too. In the media center (aka library) there are year books from when Roger went to school. Our family came upon them one day and we had the best laugh. Did you know Roger won the flower arranging contest every fall. How cute is that! Does this surprise anyone? I bet Zona never helped.
I loved our time at Hillcrest. The teachers are very dedicated and the staff is caring. I will miss my time volunteering. Thank you Hillcrest I know that my children have a solid foundation in life thanks to you. Maybe elementary school should be extended until 8th grade.These past couple of days I have noticed that I felt a little sad at having to leave the elementary school phase. Another chapter closes. I looked twice at the school the last time I pulled out of the parking lot. Today I waited for the school bus to drop Mckay off so I could snap this picture. He was not too pleased as he was not feeling well today. His exact words were "Hurry Mom I feel like I am going to throw up," which he promptly did. Poor kid! You should never be sick on the last day of 6th grade. I guess we will have the end of year barbecue and camp out another day.
Should I feel happy or sad that Katy got her drivers license yesterday. Happy because I do not enjoy teaching kids how to drive. (Where is a farm road when you need one.) Now she is licensed I no longer have to spend hours deep breathing trying to stay calm. Seriously, I am a nervous wreck teaching a child how to drive, it gives me anxiety like nothing else I have ever experienced.
Or maybe I should be sad because all three of my girls now have their drivers licenses, can date, and come home later then my bedtime. I promptly handed her the car keys and said go over to your friends and be home before dark. She deserved to celebrate. She passed all her driving tests with flying colors, got straight A's this term, and mom needs to show a little faith in her. She did make it home in one piece and the car too. I will think about the cost of insuring everyone tomorrow.

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