Monday, December 7, 2009

Little girls, Little girls


Everywhere I turn I can see them
Little girls
Little girls

 little girls 001
Night and day
I eat, sleep and breathe them
Some women are dripping with diamonds
Some women are dripping with pearls
Lucky me! Lucky me!
Look at what I'm dripping with
Little girls

Music and Lyrics from the musical Annie


Jami said...

You are LUCKY !!! What beautiful girls you have raised. You have that "Melancholy Feeling" going on inside of you - that happens when a daughter is about to get married. Hang in there - sure do love ya!!

Kelsey and Riley said...

that middle picture is absolutely adorable! your girls are beautiful. love them :)

bonnie j said...

That is how I remember your girls! They were so cute...and still are!