Sunday, October 5, 2008

Elder F. Enzio Busche

I love conference Weekend!

It feels like a Holiday for my spirit.

We have a girls night out while the guys are at priesthood session.

We all watch the Sunday morning session in our pajama's, while we eat badly made muffins.

We usually have a family feast after the Sunday afternoon session.

A couple of years ago I said to Mookie it is Conference this weekend.

His reply, "Where's the cousins?"

He was so disappointed that we had no family coming for the weekend.

Our book club read for September. F. Enzio Busche book, Yearning for the Living God.

I highly recommend it.

As I heard the announcement for more Worldwide Temples, I too was filled with gratitude for a Living God, and Inspired Prophets leading our way!

My soul fills nourished, my view a little broader, my love for family, and life a little deeper.
Now off to watch one more session before the feast begins!

Post script - the video was sent to me by my friend Ceri, I am a little technically challenged and could not get them to work together, and Holly happens to decide to take a vacation when I need her. So view them as one entry. Enjoy!

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holly shaw said...

It was a great vacation too. we even got some magic shamu water