Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a teensy bit of Bragging!

This is our daughter Nellie.
I can not say my daughter because I need to give credit where credit is due.
This child has her Father written all over her.
I'll take just a tiny bit of credit for this beautiful and talented child.
Sometimes you can catch her dancing like this,

or drawing something amazing like this.
(and winning awards for it)

She even heads off to Europe all on her own, with out even missing her mother.

She came home with thousands of pictures like these,
When I say thousands, I literally mean thousands.

From fancy museums, palaces, hotels, and places that her mother has only read about.

To me they all fit together, like a piece of a puzzle that says,
Oh ya, Nellie would love this!
She is inquisitive about places, people, beauty, and expression.

But sometimes she forgets to tell us things, like oh say, this drawing hanging in the showcase in the front hall at the High School for all to see!

Imagine you are me, walking down the hall at the high school then you ( Look in the far right side of the pic ) do a double take and see this. I stopped and went. Oh, wow I happen to know that girl.

Okay, her sister ratted her out, but my version is better, and she really did not tell us.

A self portrait drawn by my gifted daughter.
that is OUR gifted daughter, Hubby has had a lot to do with it.
Nellie, We Love You! You are Bee-U-TIFUL!
and just a teeny, tiny bit talented!

Once I post this she will probably not talk to me for about a week.

But I'll just forget to mention it to her.


Becky said...

wow! you were right with the word gifted, I thought that was Nellie! She is a great artist. It's fun to brag, do it more Jen you're awesome. Sorry I missed yogi, as you know Mike was at a meeting and my mom was at a class.

holly shaw said...

awesome the picture is really cool lucky you get great kids.

Kelsey said...

Jen Dayton! It's Kelsey, I just found your blog! It's fun to read and catch up on everyone's lives. I hope all is going well for you guys!

joleen said...

Nellie is so awesome! Your family is amazing! Thanks for the inquiry, but no, I still don't know how this blogging works. My pictures are glichy and it took like 30 tries for that one pic. I think the problem lies with the mac, so if you know anyone out there with the mac I want a contact! Thanks, jo
P.S. Yoga was so fun! My kids are not in bed until 9 and I like that playing hour before and to chat with them when I tuck them in, so, choices, choices!

Grandma Z said...

What a lovely granddaughter we have in Nellie. She definitely has her Heavenly Father's traits and was blessed with many talents. We appreciate that she is using them. We love Nellie. Grandma Z

JMHill Family said...

Jen-I had no idea Nellie is your daughter. What a sweet, wonderful girl! I work with her at Courtyard! I love that we are all so connected, I love being in this ward...it's home for me for sure. Thank you for being Isaac's sweet teacher. I can't wait to get to know you better! Hugs~Mindy Hill