Sunday, September 14, 2008

God put you in my way

Every year we make a pilgrimage.
No not to Jerusalem,
Not to Mecca.
We go to our sacred mountain!
This is my journey. This is my pilgrimage.

Mckay made it all they way to the top for the first time!
One day before he turned thirteen.

I learned about it from her! I see the way she watches the mountain when she comes to visit.
She learned about it from her Father. I know that my grandpa would of been proud to see me and my son on the mountain last week. I know he loves that his grand kids and great grand kids love Ole' Timp as much as he did. He knew all the legends and stories of Timp. He worked up on Timp for years. I believe he calls me up the mountain every year. He loves what this mountain can teach you.

Once again I had Technical difficulties with my camera.

(I forgot the batteries, and they were dead)
Cell phones take wonderful little pictures don't they!

Days this beautiful don't come around to often, and I am so sad I was unprepared. I am not a very good scouter. Now that, my grandfather would have had a problem with.

Have you ever seen the movie. Four Feathers
Well, there is one line that made the whole movie.
The wise desert, Bedouin, spiritual man says to Heath Ledger, whom he has saved from death,
when asked why he did it.
God put you in my way!

As I sat on the top of Timp,
and looked down on my small world.
I was reminded again of all the people Heavenly Father has put in my way!
The lovely, patient people who bless my life every day!

To those who made the journey with me last week,
to those who were there in spirit, and to those who inspire me every day.
I am so grateful today that


holly shaw said...

Yes see now you can keep a cell phone with you and flat stanley I think that you can email us the pictures and we can print some off to go to school with Toby. I emailed his teacher and should get a reply when he needs to be back by.

Cori said...

I want to hike timp, is it too late?

holly shaw said...

Your Hair is still so blonde. Better join the dark side ask your girls way easier.