Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I jogged in silence for four miles yesterday evening.
I know some of you are starting to laugh already.
It's not funny.

I heard my heavy breathing for four miles.
It might of been because my running has been sporadic at best lately.
I really think it was because I need distraction when I run, and lots of it.

Hubby and I love to hike together, or sign up for triathlons together. Give us a 5, or a 10K to do together. Maybe even a long slow bike ride up the canyon together.

We really love, love, being together, we do, but we never train together.

Here's why!
The mamma's, BF and I, have run for one hour,three times a week, for about seven years, when I come home from the run. I say to hubby,
"We have to try the great restaurant sweet mamma told me about!"
"We have to go see this movie muscle mamma told me about."

When Hubby comes in from a bike, run, or the gym.
Me: How was your run?
Hubby: I ran 4 miles in 35 minutes and 45 seconds.
I ran the first two in 8 1/2 minute miles and then I picked it up to 7 1/2 m.m.
Hubby: I rode up to South Fork in exactly 56 minutes and 10 seconds.

Notice the difference!
He is type A
I am type B. (or is it C, maybe D.)

All I am trying to point out is my whole life is in a transition mode at the moment.
I know that if I am flexible, everything that is important to me will fit in.
Maybe just a little different then it use to and if I am open to this change, maybe just maybe, I will learn something new along the way.
I love the canyon in the evening.
I love running, or biking behind my hubby.
(the view is great.)
I really love teaching Yoga!
I am taking time to Meditate everyday.
It is a wonderful way to be centered.
I am liking it, and want to learn more.
I love, love teaching Primary!
I am really inspired by my study of the Book of Mormon right now.
I am so impressed by the dedication of my kids to school.
(mostly without my bugging them.)
Last but not least,
Hubby can do all the technical aspect of our runs
and maybe, just maybe, my running times will improve!
I can live with that.
I can also live with this comment as we finished our jog tonight.
"Hey Babe, I love running with you!"

Post note: Hubby training times above are made up. I will try to pay more attention next time.

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holly shaw said...

I think that maybe the differnce is just boy and girl. Girls are way more social then boys and need distractions when they are exercising so they can get it down. Boys (men) like to be fast and win and that is in all aspects of their life. I have a funny story about that. call me sometime and i'll tell it to you not on the blog though. Maybe i'll call you