Monday, August 4, 2008


My beautiful friend Chris gave me this brilliant Hibiscus plant for my birthday.

Did you know that the flower on this gorgeous little plant only blossoms for one day,

that is it - one day.

What a blossom to have for one day though, aren't these the most beautiful, graceful flowers you have ever seen.

Such a unique color too, orange, brilliant orange.

I have been on orange junky this summer, I have bought a couple of orange shirts, my purse for the summer is orange, my sweat jacket.

In my chakra training this all means something. Orange is the color of the 6th chakra, which sits exactly where my ovarian cyst was. This in turn is the area for creativity. Just very interesting.

By the way, Howard Decyst was gone when I went back to my doctor. He said my left ovary is completely encased in scar tissue which is part of the problem. I'll keep taking my women's formula of herbs.
Plus, now I know being a little creative makes my life sweeter, kind of like these beautiful orange blossoms.

If I could only blossom for one day - I hope I would be this beautiful. I hope I would put a smile on someones face. I hope someone would pause long enough to notice and stand in awe for a moment.

I am taking the time to notice these blossoms.

I have so many things to be in awe about, as I contemplate for a moment all the beauty in my life.
That is all I can handle the feeling for... just a moment, then I am overwhelmed.

I cannot take it all in, or grasp the meaning. So I just look....

at these brilliant, creative blossoms!

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