Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Coming out of sleep early this morning
I had an image in my mind that I would like to share.

I saw myself looking in a mirror,
and words were reflecting back on me.
I do not know what the words said,
but I felt hopeful.

I looked over and saw my husband still enjoying sleep.
He looked beautiful.
Is that okay to say that about my man?
He is always beautiful,
but sleep takes the worry and stress
of everyday life away from his face.

I looked up, and saw the first rays of sunlight
peek in our windows that face east.
I love my bedroom windows.
Isn't morning sun a nice way to wake up?

I have thought about the image
and the feeling it left me with for the day.
I have decided to title it,


I'm so glad I was paying attention.
Normally, I would of brushed the image and feeling aside,
and gone jogging.
Instead I stayed put and enjoyed the feeling for awhile.

I believe Heavenly Father gives us, Droplets of Hope, everyday.

Do you see them in your life?
I'm going to pay more attention.
Droplets of Hope fill me up,
they nourish my soul!

FYI: All pictures courtesy of
stock.xchng photos
I am hoping for a lot better camera equipment
so I too can take gorgeous photos like these.

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Grandma Z said...

Loved your droplet of hope, you are quite the writer of inspiration. Great to see the spud pictures, just like being there, almost. The blog is super, keep it up. Love, Grandma Z