Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Dad the inventor.

How many of you can claim that your Dad has invented something.
He has several patens for farm equipment he has invented.
Grandma told me that he was always building and creating things from the time he was a small child.
He has a very creative mind.

How many of you can say your Dad's built a covered wagon.

I have heard of his famous covered wagon for several years,

but had never seen it set up and in action.

I am seriously impressed - way to go Dad.

It all started with a dream , a small dream of pulling your home with you on the road as you visit your ten children, scattered all over the west, or maybe a just a simple fishing trip.

All of the trailers you check out are flimsy,
cheaply built, or don't have double axles.
(i.e. they wobble when you pull them)

So an idea starts and you think that maybe you could build your own tent trailer. Slowly the plan forms and you start to see the fruits of your creation.

I have to admit - I think this design could catch on. I am sad to say I did not get a picture of the inside - it is a palace. Covered wagons give you a lot more space then a typical pop-up trailer. There is a full queen size bed in this thing. Also, lots and lots of storage room. Plus, it rolls up tightly and pulls great.

Of course, he is still tweaking this and that, trying to get it perfect. So the patent is still pending.

The other day Mckay told me he wants to be a science inventor when he grows up. I was so proud. Thanks Dad your are an inspiration.
Way to go POPS!

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BellyBoatBum said...

Send me an email so I have a current email address and I can send you some pictures of the inside.