Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boys, boys, boys!

I had never noticed that my house was so ---GIRLY!
(poor Mckay)
Until, I begged, pleaded and borrowed my nephews.
We picked them up at the reunion
and they stayed with us for just over a week.
I think I got a feel for a Boy house.

I did not want to send them home,

but their parents where homesick for them.

Boys are so easy!

Boys are so low maintenance.

They entertained each other

and they never fought,

I kept waiting for that fight to break out that says,

we are tired of each other - It never happened.

We really tried to wear them out

and that never happened.

Every day was a new adventure!

We wanted to show them all the wonderful things Utah has to offer,
but I found out quickly that If I fed them a Subway everyday
they were satisfied. (Mckay is seriously addicted to these sandwiches.)
I hope my brother does not find out how
much I let them get away with.
Boys keep it quiet.

Thanks Aaron and Mindy for letting us borrow them.
Lehi and Rubon we will seriously miss your smiling faces.
Happy Birthday next week boys!


Mindy & Aaron said...

Hey Jen thanks so much for having our boys come stay. They had a blast. They came home very excited to share all their adventures with you guys. They loved it.Next year we get to trade. This summer will be one they never forget. Thanks we love you guys!

chocolatepig said...

Since the boys never had a fight and they are low maintenance does that mean that the fights between you and Brian were really all your fault?