Monday, June 30, 2008

Staying Cool!

Hot days need some cool down time for Mckay.

Roger, likes to find cool places too! Biking on top of Alpine loop with some friends.

There is no place cooler or more beautiful to hike then the back country of Zion National Park.

Aren't we the coolest!
Running in the 4th of July 10K with Katy, my friend Jolene, her Mom, and sister(last year). We are the "true beauty queens"! Running and waving at the same time was our talent. Yes, there was a little singing and laughing along the way.
Question? What should we dress up as this year? Race day is coming up and we still have not decided. Help me! Does anyone have any ideas? Remember we have to run 6 miles and it is hot.

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kmcaldwell said...

You should dress up as your favorite disney princess. On my blog there is a test to see which princess you are it is pretty cool you should check it out