Friday, December 11, 2009

‘Tis the Season


For a girls dreams to come true.


It may be very cold outside, but our hearts are warmed.

(Santa is watching. He always is watching. Name that movie?)


“Mom aren’t bridal showers the best!” – Princess


“Mom can you believe all these cool things?!” - Princess

nellies camera 12-10-09 183

We are so blessed, by all our favorite friends and family who have spoiled this princess rotten.

nellies camera 12-10-09 197

We teach ‘em young.  ‘Cause you got to train ‘em up right.

This one she is dangerous.  I just want to squeeze her cheeks and watch her suck her thumb. 

nellies camera 12-10-09 188  

Lots of love is floating around here this year.

Isn’t princess lucky to be born on her grandma’s birthday.

nellies camera 12-10-09 200

I’d say she must of been extra – extra good this year.

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