Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My other children


Since my mind has been hurtling towards the Big Day. I have been single minded, obsessed, consumed. All wrapped up in visions of flowers and lace, and satin. Worried about cake, and cheesecake, and RSVP’s

Not to mention I got an A in my health class this semester. Wahoo!!


I woke up today and these strangers were living in my house.


What is in the water around here? Why are they growing up so fast.

Seriously, thank you for being awesome helpers the last few months. I appreciate all of you.

Do you even read this blog?

You all deserve a vacation – lets go!


holly shaw said...

Have fun in disneyland I think mckay has one jacket less should i mail it??

Zona said...

Jen, Yes, I read your blog everyday, and will miss it while you are gone, but you deserve a vacation after getting an A in health and doing a wedding. It was a glorious wedding and I am still feeling the joy that was there. Samantha was such a gorgeous bride and so radiant. Thanks for such wonderful kids. Love, Zona

hanna (kmcaldwell) said...

i love reading your blog and sammy was so beautiful! congratts and i loved your dress!