Monday, November 17, 2008

Top 10 reason why I have not posted in 6 weeks!

#10 - Our house was invaded by critters that chewed through the Internet cables.

#9 - I bought a new car and have been road tripping.
Sorry it only holds two.

#8 - I have had SOoooo much Company!
(Plus I think Hubby is having an identity crisis -
Note the pretty pink sweatshirt and crazy eyes)

#7 - Being the coach for the 1/2 marathoners is totally wearing me out

#6 - Its a huge competition between Princess #1 and I to see who gets straight A's in our college class(es).

#5 - I have been taking time to deeply contemplate the meaning of life.

#4 - We got stuck in Canyonlands.

#3 - My Mookie has turned into a punk teenager.

#2 - I was abducted by Parrotheads and taken to the islands.
I have my suspicions about that lady behind us.

#1 - My Sterling Scholar (Princess #2) has a conniption fit every time I glance at the computer. I am thinking her good grades are worth the computer hog she has become.


holly shaw said...

YEAH your back!!!:) I think its all the reasons listed above and finally you made it back to reality.

Jami said...

I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!!How about the #1 reason is that you have been in AZ spending time with me(I WISH). That is what I am asking for Christmas!! Can you make that happen?? PLEASE!!

P/S We did win - HURRAY!! 66 to 34
Now on to basketball season:)

joleen said...

My inspiration for blogging is alive! You're awesome, see you tonite at yoga!

The Williams said...

I almost had to start stalking all the connections on your blog because I was so sad you were gone.

dana liston said...

I am glad you are back! I love reading your blog. And it looks like you have been quite a busy girl the past six weeks!

kmcaldwell said...

And did you get me trying to tell you how to tell you how to make a big meat soup into a veggy soup!!
yeah life is crazy