Tuesday, June 10, 2008

While you were out!

I swear it is just like the T.V. show - every time I am gone for a few days I come back and this is what happens. I wish I had before shots. Our upstairs family room looked good when I left for girls camp last week, but it looks great now.

I am not exaggerating when I say that every time I leave home for more then one night this happens. I think if I went somewhere for two weeks I would come back to a completely remodeled house. I was counting how many times this has happened over the years and it is has been more then ten times. I have had a completely remodeled kitchen, bathroom(s), family room(s), new carpet, bedroom, and a variety of yard improvements.

I do not know why he needs me out of the way to do projects, and I really am not complaining. Roger has better taste, and ideas then I do, so I let him have free reign. Thanks babe, I love it.

He said he saw this idea at the home show. I banned myself from home shows about fifteen years ago. All it does for me is make me covet. The girls and Rog go every year and they love it.

I was really impressed how a little paint and some creativeness can brighten up a whole room. (No, I am sorry he is not for hire.) He really does have a gift. Aren't I one lucky girl.

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